Joseph Ramellini, DMD

Gabrielle Ramellini, DMD

Joseph Ramellini, DMD

Gabrielle Ramellini, DMD

Benefits of Fluoride

We all know that fluoride is important for our teeth, especially for kids. And we probably know that fluoride can be found in tap water, in toothpaste, and in some mouthwashes. But do you know what it is and what its benefits are? All Natural Fluoride is naturally present in groundwater and many oceans. The … Continued

Is Chewing Gum Good for Dental Health?

Chewing gum: It’s fun, it tastes great, and it freshens your breath! But is chewing gum actually good for your dental health? Let’s break it down and see what chewing gum can do for you. Stimulates Saliva When you chew gum, your mouth produces saliva. Saliva is not just “spit”—it’s actually an important part of … Continued

Choosing the Right Dentist

Choosing a dentist can be stressful. But due to a big move, your dentist’s retirement, a change in insurance, or a whole list of other reasons, finding a new dentist can become a necessity. It’s an important decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. There are many factors you should consider, and we’ve put together some … Continued

Holistic Dental Approach

Here at Peak Dentistry, we proudly practice a holistic approach when it comes to dental care. It’s one of the many things that sets up apart from our competitors! But some people have never heard of “holistic dentistry” before, so we’ve outlined the basics of this exciting philosophy and how it makes us unique. What … Continued

What If I Have a Dental Emergency Abroad?

The last thing you want to think about while you’re on a wonderful foreign trip is a dental emergency, but it’s always best to be prepared for the worst at the most unexpected times. What Is a Dental Emergency? A painful toothache, bleeding gums, and knocked-out or chipped tooth constitute a dental emergency. If you’re … Continued

5 Biggest Dental Myths

When it comes to maintaining proper oral health and hygiene, don’t believe everything you hear from other people. Here are five of the biggest dental myths that we hear all the time. You Don’t Need to See the Dentist if Nothing Seems Wrong It is always important to schedule dental cleanings and exams twice a … Continued

The Importance of Regular Visits

Everyone knows it’s important to see your dentist regularly. But not everyone thinks about just why that’s the case. We’re here to set the record straight: why is it important to visit your dentist on a regular basis? There are three vital parts to any routine appointment at the dentist: 1. Cleaning During the actual … Continued

Are Dentures Comfortable to Wear?

You may have heard the horror stories about someone’s ill-fitting dentures popping right out of their mouth. While many people think that dentures are uncomfortable and embarrassing, technology has come a long way to make dentures much more comfortable for patients. There are also quite a few things that you can do to help make … Continued

Invisalign® vs. Braces

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get orthodontics… congrats! Deciding to improve not only the appearance but also the health of your smile is a big decision, and a worthwhile one at that. But your decision-making isn’t quite over yet! You still have to choose which orthodontic treatment is right for your needs … Continued


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